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October 6-8th 2017

6 workshops with Sarah Jade. 75 minutes each

Performance night on our full size stage!


Cost of weekend is $450. A deposit of $250 is required to hold your spot. Remainder is due on first day of camp. All campers receive a spot in our performance night showcase (you don't have to perform).

Below are the workshops for you to check out. Our camps are geared toward an intermediate level dancer and focus mostly on dance and flow - we do offer a tricks workshop as well!

These are Buttercup staples, so we recommend the workshops for travel in students.

Questions? Please feel free to contact me at

Stuck in a transition rut?! This workshop’s focus is low flying flow, moving fluidly in interesting and innovative ways around the pole. We will focus on step arounds, floor to pole transitions, pirouette variations and more transitions to add to your bag of tricks! Heels highly recommended and knee protection highly recommended.


Here We Roll Again!
Forward and backward shoulder rolls, ½ mooners, fish flops, shoulder stands, and shoulder transitions! We will learn all types of shoulder rolls from the very basic to the big bad fish flop! Bring either heels or sliding foot protection. We will start with a thorough neck warm up and move into the body of the class…or should we say…the shoulder!?

Bad to the Chrome
Sexy routine to a fun rock n roll song! Al levels are welcome in this class, and variation can be given up or down for students of every skill level. Work up a sweat, and come away with new transitions and combinations! Heels and knee protections recommended.

Butterbooties – Sexy Floor/Twerk Routine
Learn to add a little booty to your floor work! This is a routine based class that is appropriate for all levels. Please bring knee protection and heels (optional but highly recommended).

LOL… Losing Our Layers – Striptease
Creative ways to lose our layers! For 1 hour, we will learn sexy, fun, and different ways to strip off our clothes! Please bring: Baggy sweats, wide neck T shirt, tank top, 2 bras (at least one with a clasp), 2 pair pole shorts and knee socks.

Aerial Flexi-ness and Combos

Have an okay split on the floor but in the air you look like a letter “V”? We will work on flattening those jade splits, perfecting your lines, and using techniques Sarah has learned in her 10 years of pole dancing to perfect your aerial flexibility! Learn how to engage and relax so legs look long and flat, and how to use variations to make beautiful lines even without crazy flexy legs! Flexibility NOT required!

Location of Studio:

Buttercup has moved! We are 15 minutes from the airport at 3251 W Hillsborough Ave Tampa, FL 33614. We are located in a private facility inside Powerhouse Gym - Powerhouse has a restaurant inside called Nutrition Factory that caters to GF, DF, VEG, ETC.


Local Hotels

These are a little bit nicer and located in an area near malls. If you would like to stay at an Air BNB or something similar there are also some in the area.


InterContinental Hotel

4860 W Kennedy Blvd, Tampa, FL 33609

(813) 286-4400


Renaissance Tampa

Located in: International Plaza and Bay Street

4200 Jim Walter Blvd, Tampa, FL 33607

(813) 877-9200




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